collect  W and after 1-2-3-4-5-6-7---------20       for example       W12

W1.   Handmade print on cotton fabric   130X70cm       65€

W2.  130x42cm Handmade print on cotton fabric 28 €

W3.              185x63cm      linen fabric hand printed for the wall or  for the table   65€

         W4.                140x35cm          linen natural fabric for the wall or for the table     32€

                                  w5.  [  the  wedding]    127x57cm   cotton 100%   35€

W6.        130x70cm   linen fabric  with lining for the wall   65€

W7.     [herbs distilery]    cotton fabric wall hanging with up and down tunnel                                            for wood  38€

                                      90x90cm  natural linen  fabric with lining  55 €

w12.   150x150 cm fabric collage  natural linen with lining  150€

w13.   150x150cm  fabric collage natural linen with lining 150€

W14.  175x105cm  cotton fabric collage with lining     105 €     

W17.      110x67cm    cotton fabric wall hanging                 with   tunnel up and dawn for wood  25€   

W15.  175x70cm  cotton fabric collage with lining


W18.     68x68cm  linen fabric    19€

W16.          105x105cm  cotton fabric collage with lining    63€

  w19         30cmx48cm   9€
w19 30cmx48cm 9€

framed prints

handprinted on cotton fabrics starshed with glue and  ready to fix wooden frame

w 20    63cmx63 cm

hand printed on heavy  cotton fabric starshed with glou to keep dust away

w21     77 cmx53 cm   25€  plus frame
w21 77 cmx53 cm 25€ plus frame
 w23   35cmx46cm  9€
w23 35cmx46cm 9€
w25    35cmx50cm  9 €
w25 35cmx50cm 9 €

25€ the print   7€ the woods for the frame

w22     48cmx111cm  28€ plus frame
w22 48cmx111cm 28€ plus frame
w24      35cmx50cm   9 €
w24 35cmx50cm 9 €
w26  35cmx50cm   9€
w26 35cmx50cm 9€

w27.    69x40cm  

w28.   69x40cm  

w29.  69x40cm  

[enlarged wild plants]   15€ each plus the woods for the frame  7€

w30.   [thyme fields]  50x50cm   painting on print  35€   plus  7€  the woods

w31.   [the dancers]   77x52cm   18€    plus 7€  the woods